Mélisande, 2018
fashion film for Elena Tezak 

Traces of Movements, 2018
Abstract drawings and paintings, exhibition

Leipzig label Daizy&Holy new release MV, 2018
stock footage music video

Ceramic lamp series, 2017
handbuilt glazed ceramics with light

The unbearable lightness of being, 2009

Golden pottery series, 2018

Ceramic with cork, 2018 handbuilt glazed ceramic with handmade cork

River, 2007-2010
photography book

Album cover design #1, 2018
artwork for label tmrw> release “Baza”

Album cover design #2, 2018
artwork for label tmrw> release “Lessons”

Lines undrawn then forgotten, 2012
instant sculpture

Random Walk, art direction for fashion brand, 2018
pattern design, branding, direction for photography, styling, lookbook

Boogie Woogie Armchair, 2014
furniture design inspired by Mondrian

Porcelain series, 2017
handbuilt glazed porcelains

Feed/Who Makes the Pattern, 2014
MA thesis project on big data, Installation design and research exhibition

Ceramic series, 2017
handbuilt glazed ceramics

When I am not listening to music, 2018
abstract field recording compilation

Red clay pottery and thistle series, 2018
handbuilt pottery and plant arrangement

Circle, 2016 oil on canvas

Laeuft, 2018
music video for Linkes Ding

#cardboardcat, 2018
instant sculpture made with eggcase and cardboard

Untitled Orders
(10 Metaphors about digital information’s display and storage forms)
, 2013
sculptures, writing and exhibition design

©Weiwei Leung 2018