Boogie Woogie Armchair
furniture sculpture

Feed / Who Weaves the Pattern
tapestry installation

When I am not Listening to Music, sound art & photography

Half Open Door
ceramic sculpture

The Museum of Forking Paths
Knowledge and Illustration conference Oxford University

The Unbearable Lightness

childrens abstract art book

Artificial Butterflies
paintings, research
Contaminated Coordinates,
Graphic art and textile

Scroll (Ways of Reading)

Mirror Collage

View Blender,
experimental eyewear

River, 2007-2010
photography book

China Pupil 
graphic memoir

Microscopic Noise
album cover artwork

Digital Language
sculptures and poems

Face, Reassemble series
abstract paintings

Lines Undrawn Then Forgotten

Long Beach on a White Day
album cover artwork

Shifted Surface
installation, textile, canvas

Jelly Moon and Dimmed Sun
oil on canvas

Algorithmic Narratives

The Shape of Time

short film

Red Clay
pottery sculpture series

Fall series
abstract paintings

Heracles & Lion
graphic book

Sketchy Lines
album cover artwork

Containers series,
handbuilt ceramics

The Lost Glasses Leg
album cover artwork

sculpture series

©Weiwei Liang 2019