Mélisande, 2’33”, 2018

An audio-visual poem based on Debussy’s music piece Pelléas et Mélisande. The short film was conceived as a video portrait of the mysterious character Mélisande, whose fate hinted in the original symboliic play by Maurice Maeterlinck, was linked to the ring she lost in the water. Elements such as the lake, the well, the lost-in-the-forest, the death of Mélisande and the repetition cycles are reinterpreted both visually and acoustically in an abstract, minimal way. 

Maurice Maeterlinck on static drama:
“It is no longer a violent, exceptional moment of life that passes before our eyes—it is life itself. Thousands and thousands of laws there are, mightier and more venerable than those of passion; but these laws are silent, and discreet, and slow-moving; and hence it is only in the twilight that they can be seen and heard, in the meditation that comes to us at the tranquil moments of life.”

©Weiwei Liang 2019