Digital Language is an exhibition of a series of short poems and small-scale sculptures curated to demonstrate visually the forms of transmission, storage and the displaying of digital information, to provoke thoughts on the overlooked thinking models that we adopt from the machine language.

Computation* (model: cube made of black and white Lego bricks)


“Yes or no.
One thing at a time.
Paradox is an error.
Ambiguity is sin.
Execute the given instruction.
Finding the shortest path
to a preset destination.
It can generate,
but it can’t hesitate.
Hard edged
Logic gate
Random is the mathematical.
Accidental is the organic.
One and zero
On or off
Can one download and install inspiration?
Can a computer SORT OF run?”

*Referring to only the classical computation model, here excludes the quantum computing.

more details coming soon