Mélisande, 2018
art direction & fashion film for Elena Tezak Studio

Pilot, 2018
music video for Leipzig label Daizy&Holy

Traces of Movements, 2018
Abstract drawings and paintings, exhibition

The Lost Glasses Leg, 2018
album cover artwork for label tmrw> release “Baza”

Dog-fight Dance, 2018
album cover artwork for label tmrw> release “Lessons”

Ceramic series, 2017
handbuilt ceramics

Random Walk, 2018
art direction for accessory brand, pattern design, branding, direction for photography, styling, lookbook

Boogie Woogie Armchair, 2014
furniture design inspired by Mondrian

River, 2007-2010
photography, book design

Laeuft, 2018
music video for Daizy&Holy

Untitled Orders
(10 Metaphors about digital information’s display and storage forms)
, 2013
sculptures, writing and exhibition design

At Least Newton Was Right, 2018
Music video for Berlin Duo INRA

Feed - Who Weaves & Reads the Pattern, 2014 
installation, reseach

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